New Film Discusses Life, Relationships and Gender Equity Through the Prism OF Life-Sized Chessboard

“Equitism”, the first professional film from director Brandon Eddy Wade, tackles complex subjects like communication, social justice and sexuality through a life-sized game of chess, complete with human pieces.

“Equitism” takes place in a fictional universe set in an era comparable to medieval times. In this world, the governing force, known as the Polis, has been split into The Consulate of Men and The Consulate of Women. These Consulates are separated by gender inequality and a lack of communication, causing a divide in the society. At the end of each year, the two Consulates face off in a chess game that is quite literally a matter of life or death. Real human beings are used as pieces and fight to the death in order to determine who will have power in the year to follow.

The main characters of this tale are the newest inductees in the Consulate: Bonaparte of Heart and Nichole of Soul. The movie follows them and their friends through their experiences of being new to the Consulate and being new to adulthood. All of these obstacles lead to the “Qu'est Ce que C'est” (Kiss Kissé), an artistic party thrown by the Consulate every year the night before the climactic Royal Chess game.

“Equitism” is not just the title of the movie, but also one of its main themes, particularly gender “equitism”. The difference between gender equality and gender “equitism” is a small but significant one. Gender equality is a belief that both genders should be treated in the same way. Gender “equitism” is a belief that acknowledges the differences between our genders while emphasizing that everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities.

According to Wade, this film is being made “to show relatable characters in a larger-than-life world in order to teach teens the importance of respect and communication, all while telling a heartfelt and entertaining story.”

“Equitism” mixes metaphors for complex life issues with the intensity and excitement of an action movie. The film has a highly trained cast of professional stunt men and women that are highly proficient in sword play. This gives the battles that take place on the chessboard an incredible sense of realism, danger and excitement.

As is the case with most independent films, one of the biggest challenges facing “Equitism” and its cast and crew is funding. In order to raise the money necessary to turn his dream in to a reality, Wade has created a Kickstarter page where film fans and other backers can donate to the project. For more information about “Equitism” or to learn how you can become a backer of the film, please visit their page at


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